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A Norwegian company with almost 2 decades of experience in providing innovative web and quality management solutions. The foundation of the company's success is simplicity and quality of the products, matched with almost obsessive drive to constantly be and think ahead of the present. The future may be planned and predictable but, no matter how hard one tries, it is always unknown and abstract. And these are the latter which make it so fascinating for us. To be ahead means to be able to tame the future, to match the abstract with practice. Once we build tools for it, and we are sure about their simplicity and quality, we go ahead...

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Reporting as a service

Good information flow within a company's structure, and increasing awareness and involvement of people are essential elements in quality management. The more data you get from your staff, the better planning and decisions you can make. EXPEDIO QUALITY MANAGEMENT lets your employees and stakeholders report easily through apps! They allow for sending fast and precise information about facts and events crucial for the company's functioning. The system monitors the situation and helps trigger adequate actions in a timely manner. More information: Products/Expedio

Web page generator

... is an inexpensive, cloud-based content management system. You create an account and sign a subscription. You are immediately granted access to a rich tool for editing your own web site. The system is so intuitive that you can easily build a professional site without the help of a web designer. And it is all done in minutes. It is built on top of document-oriented databases, hosted in true cloud services. Not all hosted systems marketed as "cloud" are true cloud solutions. Give it a try!: www.cinx.no